Event Fashion Fair
Happy Shopping Babys <3 :*

Dress: MoDANNA [Merle Collection] TY<3 @Fashion Fair
Skin And Lips: L'Etre - BODY APPLIERS TY<3
Head: Catwa Jessica Head
Event Fashion Fair
Happy Shopping Babys <3 :**

Hair: *ARGRACE* Bucket hat / TOMOE - Whites
Top: [Cynful] Promise Crop Top - FatPack TY<3
Jeans: Kaithleen's Classy Pants FatPack TY<3 @Fashion Fair
Necklace: Astralia - Grace necklace TY<3 @Fashion Fair
Event Fashion Fair
Happy Shopping Babys <3 :*

Hair: Beusy: On Wednesdays Mesh Hair Fatpack TY<3 @Fashion Fair 
Dress: ..::PD::.. Frivole FatPack TY<3 @Fashion Fair
Pack Poses: POSEL ~ Exclusives TY<3  @Fashion Fair
New Dress Of Bishes Inc
Events MOM-Uber
Happy Shopping Babys And Guys <3 :*

On Me
Hair: Moon. Hair // - Ombres - Kinderfeld
Dress: Bishes Inc Sleek Dress FatPack TY<3
Glasses: Izzie's - Oversized Sunglasses (mesh)
Shoes: Bishes Inc- Diva Shoes TY<3 FATPACK 

On He
 HAIR : Salon de GLOW <hairpieces>-M-03 - (Jet Black)
 SHIRT:    ::GB:: Leather MA1 / Black @MOM
PANT: FLite.- Athletic Joggers- Black @Uber

Event Fashion Fair
Happy Shopping Babys <3 :*

Hair: :::Phoenix::: Kathy Hair FatPack TY<3 @Fashion Fair
Dress: [Cynful] Pull Over -FatPack TY<3
Shoes: Essenz - Pattaya FatPack TY<3 @Fashion Fair
Event Fashion Fair- Kinky-TFC
Happy Shopping Babys <3 :*

Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Gloomy - Blacks+Whites @TFC
Skin: :VL:  Casia skin - TY<3@Fashion Fair
Makeup: *Merlific* Blogger Pack Exclusivity TY<3 @Fashion Fair
Lashes: L'Etre - Gem Mesh Lashes [FATPACK] TY<3
Top: *HolliPocket* Lace Smex Long Suit FatPack TY<3 @Kinky

Event Fashion Fair-The Arcade-Collabor88
Happy Shopping Babys <3 :*

Hair: +Spellbound+ Hecate // Blondes
Top&Skirt: -Pixicat- Dusk TY<3 @C88
Broom-Cauldron-: Birdy - Hocus Pocus Gacha @The Arcade
Table-Blocks: Candy Crunchers - @Fashion Fair

Event Fashion Fair
Nice Momentsssss *-*
Happy Shopping Babys And Guys <3 :*

On Me
Hair: Blues. Scarlet - TY<3 FATPACK 1th October @Fashion Fair
Top: Blueberry - Group Gift - Tank Top
Skirt: [Cynful] Bandau Jeans Skirt - TDRF TY<3
Tatto: DATUM // Nirvana - tattoo TY<3
Glasses: Sunglasses ZENITH / V1.1 - REDGRAVE

On He
Hair: Uw.st  Stephan-Hair    Black
SHIRT : [Pumpkin] TMP. - Tank top- White
PANT: [Pumpkin] TMP.- Ripped joggers- L.Blue
SHOES: Slink Aussie Thongs Black
Event Fashion Fair
Happy Shopping Babys <3 :*

Hair: *Soonsiki~ Shelly *Essentials*
Dress: SIREN - ALL PACK TY<3 @Fashion Fair
Shoes: _CandyDoll_ Rosalinda Nude
Event Jackpot Gacha Fair
Happy Shopping Babys <3 :*

Poses: *CS* Horror Camp - 01 RARE TY<3 @JGF
            *CS* Horror Camp - 03 TY<3 @JGF
            *CS* Horror Camp - 05 TY<3 @JGF
Event Uber-TFC-Suicide Dollz
Happy Shopping Babys And Guys <3

On Me
Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Gloomy - Blacks+Whites @TFC
Top: Blueberry - Group Gift - Tank Top
Jeans: FLite.- Athletic Joggers- Black Hemp @Uber
Shoes: FLite.-Outsiders - Black
Piercing Nose: DATUM // Insomnia FATPACK - TY<3
Piercing Face: DATUM // Insomnia FATPACK TY<3 @SuicideDollz

On He
HAIR : [taketomi]_Shin_Blacks
CAP: FLite. -Trucker Cap V.1
PANT: FLite.- Athletic Joggers- Black @Uber
SHIRT : IntoXx Backpack Pervert Shirts for him @MP
Cigarrete : [NikotiN]    Cigarette_ Classic    (v.4)
Event TFC-Cosmetic
Happy Shopping Babys <3

Head: 01 Genesis_Head_Alice_2.0_Emotions RARE @Cosmetic
Mask: Pink Acid "When Kingdoms Collide" Gacha Set - ALL TY<3 @TFC
Happy Shopping Babys <3

Hair: Magika Stubborn 01
Outfit Full: -Pixicat- Visionary.Jacket (BlackWhite) TY<3

Happy Shopping <3

Pose: *agapee*-group pose set1 TY<3
Event MOM
Happy shopping babys <3 :*

Pose: *CS* The Menu Pose TY<3 @MOM
Event MOM
Happy Shopping Guys

Pose: *CS* Blues and Soul TY<3 @MOM
Event TFC
Happy Shopping Babys And Guys :*<3

On Me
Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Gloomy - Blacks+Whites @TFC
Shirt: Foxes - Boyfriend Shirt - Check Black
Socks: :FY: Ripped Thigh Highs (pack one)
Strapback: FLite. X Reckless Strapback Fatpack
Phone:My Phone // MUSCHI @MP

On He
Hair: 99Hair -Krima -blacks
Top: {Fe Style} KCIV - Black Tee V.2  [Box]
Jeans: [ ExcellencE ] Pants_Fluze_Black
Shoes: FLite. -Inspired Boost Coal
Scarf: -Entente- Voyage Scarf
Strapback: FLite. -Trucker Cap V.1

Events Kustom9-Saving Sight
Happy Shopping Babys<3

Hair: +elua+ Yepa_Blonde pack @Kustom9
Jacket: <Toxic Bish> DIVA Small Mesh Jacket w Color HUD
Shorts: -Pixicat- Tilde.Shorts Highwaisted (Stripes nr1) @Kustom9
Shoes: .::Supernatural::. Dixie heels FatPack TY<3 @Saving Sight
Event- Kustom9
Happy Shopping Babys <3 :*

Hair: +elua+ Yepa_Blonde pack @Kustom9
Top&Jeans: TETRA @Kustom9
Hat: Trilby Hats Free @MP
Shoes: [Cynful] P.A.C heels. - Black/Gold birthday special TY<3

Events Kustom9-MOM-TMD
Happy Shopping Boys <3

Hair: Uw.st  Stephan-Hair    Black
Jacket: ::GB::Quilted leather jacket / Black @Kustom9
Jeans: :GB::Ripped pants_black @TMD
Shoes: FLite. -Inspired Boost Coal 
Backpack: [BODY FACTORY] Arlong BackPack @MOM
Necklace: pekka rosario necklace v2 grey
Tres Chic-MOM
Happy Shopping Babys <3 :*

Hair: HOMAGE -- Stay High : Coffees (unpacked)
Top: *Besom Outfitters~ Basic Tee *White* @Tres Chic
Jeans: *Besom Outfitters~Lazy Baggies *Noir* @Tres Chic
Shoes: Flite. Yacht Shoes - Gray/Black -
Mask&Bat: .Reckless. - Raider Mask 2/.Reckless. - Donny Bat RARE @MOM
Happy Shopping Babys <3 :*

Hair: CATWA HAIR Jolie [A] 
Top: [Cynful] Lotta Sass Tube Top - Fatpack TY<3
Tatto: PourQuoiPas Tattoo Aile TY<3
Skin: [hush] Brielle - Latte NEW TY<3
Jeans: [Cynful] Bell Bottoms + Tweed Pants Mesh Bodies Fatpack TY<3
Shoes: Bishes Inc- High Rise Brown Fatpack TY<3
Event Suicide Dollz
Happy Shopping Babys and Guys <3

On Me
Skin: [hush] Brielle - Latte TY<3 NEW!!
Hair: MOON // Hair // Roots & Ombres - Nova Faerye
Sweater: Nana - Kali Satan Sweater @SD
Socks: :FY: Ripped Thigh Highs
Glasses: .tsg. Shy Megane - Silver

On He
Cap:[ ExcellencE ] cap_Poly_8
Beard: unorthodox full beard
SHIRT:CREDO: SideZip_Tee(Bandana White
SHOES:!  FLite.-Clearports Black Viper tenis lindo

New Sponsors Hush
Event Wearhouse
Happy Shopping Babys <3 :*

Outfit: .:Vein:. Night Out TY<3 @MP
Skin: [hush] Willow - Chai TY<3
HeadBand: .::Supernatural::. Kadja Mesh Bindi TY<3 @Wearhouse
Event ToBeOutsider
Happy Shopping Babys <3 :*

Outfit: .:a:. Dangara - Gacha
Pose: *CS* Belly Dancer - 03 TY<3 @ToBeOutsider
Event Secret Affair
Happy Shopping Babys <3 :*

Hair: Magika [03] Road
Top: [Cynful] xo Crop Top - Black 2 TY<3
Jeans: Blueberry Rica - Skinny Jeans - Blue
Tatto: .Things.- Aigneis & Airell Tattoo TY<3 @Secret Affair
Shoes: Shey Edmonton Stilettos-BLACK

Event Saving Sight
Happy Shopping Babys <3 :*

On Me
Hair: Moon. Hair // - Ombres - Tourniquet
Bikini: [Cynful] Chain Bikini - Chevron Aqua TY<3
Tatto: DATUM // HOME tattoo TY<3 @ Saving Sight

On Rita
Hair: Magika [01] Wait @MP
Bikini: ..::SILHUETA::.. Bikini Nahira (hearts black) @MP
Glasses: AURORA - Mesh Panama Sunglasses - Woodgrain @MP
Happy Shopping Babys <3 :*

Hair: Maitreya Siobhan (Mesh) * Blonds Light
Dress: [Cynful] Beach Dress - Orange TY<3
Tatto: *Bolson / Tattoo Mesh Body Pack - Hort

Events Anybody And Saturday Sale
Happy Shopping Babys <3 :*

Hair: [taketomi]_Junko_Dessin 
Body Suit: *HolliPocket* Kinkeh Lust Suit-FatPack TY<3 @Anybody
Jacket: .tsg. Bunny Bomber - FatPack
Shoes: Bishes Inc- Diva Shoes FATPACK TY<3
Tatto: [TattooMania  - BEATH ]

Happy Shopping Babys And Guys <3 :*

On Me 
Hair: *Besom~ Left to Jackson *Blondes*
Dress: [Cynful] Kamalin Dress - FatPack TY<3
Glasses: .tsg. Shy Megane - Silver
Shoes: *Reign.- Georgia Sandal- White
Jewerly: UNISEX[MANDALA]Chunkeey_Jewelry_Set_24k GOLD
Nails: IAF Extra Long Nails (Slink Hands) (Elegant 1 XXS)

On He
HAiR:*Soonsiki~ Tothe *Essentials*􀀓
BEARDS:􀀒 unorthodox full beard
EARS:􀀎 [MANDALA] Taper ears
SHIRT: RONSEM* Print shirt / x_white*􀀍*
PANTS: Hypnotik Short Slouch White 􀀑
SHOES: Hypnotik Nubuck Desert Boots unrigged YELLOW􀀐
TATTOO:􀀏 .Identity. Body Shop - Stay Gold

Pose: *CS* Sundown TY<3
Event Collabor88
Happy Shopping Babys <3:*

Hair: little bones. Hexxed - Landslide @C88
Top: SIREN - All Top Dollie FatPack TY<3
Body: SIREN - All Body Lucy FatPack TY<3
Tatto: PqP Tatts "JimZ " TY<3
Piercing: DATUM // Angel bites FatPack TY<3 @MP
Shoes: Bishes Inc- Diva Shoes FatPack TY<3
New Sponsor Cynful <3
Happy Shopping Babys <3 :*

Hair: [Atomic] Hair Gacha // Howling // Brown Sugar @The Arcade
Dress: [Cynful] Lotta Sass Dress - FatPack TY<3
Shoes: REIGN.- Laced Pumps V2- Black
Event Arcade
Happy Shopping Babys <3 :*

Hair: Blues. Lunaire - FATPACK
Jacket: -Pixicat- Bastet.Jacket - Pink (Fitted) @The Arcade
Shorts: AJ - Creation Combi @MP
Tatto: DATUM // Kawaii tattoo TY<3
Event Anybody
Happy Shopping Babys <3 :*

Hair: Moon. Hair // - Variety - Storm
Body: .::Supernatural::. Nicki Jumpsuit FatPack TY<3 @Anybody

Event AnyBody
Happy Shopping Babys And Guys :*

On Me
♥Hair: Blues. Allie - Naturals 1
♥Top: . AUTOPSY . Top Night FatPack TY<3 @Anybody
♥Short: T&S - Balloon Shorts w/Hud
Shoes: Nana - DyCy Star Boots
♥Tatto: *Bolson / Tattoo Mesh Body Pack - Hort

On My Model
♥Cap: 􀀀Excellence  Cap Poly
♥Beard: Unorthodox  full beard
Ears:􀀆Mandala  Taper ears
♥Neclkace:􀀂 Sorgo   cubanlink gold/gold
♥Shirt:􀀇::Fe Style:: NY Shit -  Tee V.2
♥Pants:􀀃D-Style -  Sweatpants w.HUD 
Shoes:􀀄 Flite  clearports black
♥ Tatto: .Identy.􀀅  stay gold
Happy Shopping Babys <3 :*

Top: . AUTOPSY . Top Dior White TY<3 @Anybody
Skirt: Bishes Inc Leather Skirt FatPack TY<3
Shoes: REIGN.- Peep Toe Wedges FatPack
Event AnyBody
Gifts Shey
Happy Shopping Babys <3 :*

Hair: little bones. Hollywood - Blondes
Top: . AUTOPSY . Top Night Black TY<3 @AnyBody
Skirt: . AUTOPSY . Skirt Pretty Black TY<3 @AnyBody
Bag: Shey Winchester Handbag Group Gift
Shoes: **Dirty Princess**Naughty Couture Princess Heels  -Mesh Black @MP

Nice Time With My Daddy Hugsss <3 :*
Happy Shopping Babys <3 :*

Pose: *CS* Cooking with Daddy TY<3
Happy Shopping Babys <3 :*

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Essena -  variety
Top: . AUTOPSY . Top Flash Black TY<3 @AnyBody 
Jeans: Blueberry - Mia Jeans - Regular - Maitreya NEW
Jewelry: UNISEX[MANDALA]Chunkeey_Jewelry_Set_24k GOLD
Shoes: **Dirty Princess**Naughty Couture Princess Heels  -Mesh Black
Happy Shopping Babys <3 :*

Pose: *CS* Vintage Twins TY<3 @Vintage&Cool

● Royal ●
Event Management  
Fashion Fair - Autumn 2015

Fashion Fair Autumn
October 1, 2015 – October 15, 2015

Welcome to the Fashion Fair 2015!

Join Royal Event Management and all of your favorite designers in an exciting new venue as we help to make your Autumn fabulous!
After the huge success of the first "Fashion Fair" we decided to bring the venue back to make your Autumn as fabulous as possible featuring clothing, accessories, make ups, hair and everything else you need for your perfect styling!
Come and explore our Fair with tons of the best Designers SL has to offer and fall in love with new creators or fall back in love with long cherished brands who present their fresh ideas in new releases!
It is time to fill up your closet with the brand new 2015 style and we have created just the place to begin with!

The Fashion Fair  Autumn will bring you:
● the best Designers on the grid
● full two weeks of fashion
● one exclusive item per store
● all you need to create the new YOU
● new Autumn Trends 2015

∙ Alterego  
∙ American Brauty  
∙ Blues  
∙ Lazybones  
∙ Modulus  
∙ Pure Poison  
∙ Rebel Gal  
∙ Whatever

If you have anymore questions, comments, or concerns, please contact one of the following people.       

Royal Event Management Staff:
⋙Event Manager:          Anna C. Grey (annagrey)
⋙Event Assistant:         ᶳᵗᵋᶠᵃᶰ (Noctea Despres)
⋙Event Assistant:         ѕcαrleт  (DooLy Foxglove)
⋙Event Assistant:         ᴇʟʟɪᴇʙᴇᴀɴ (elliean)
⋙Support:                     ηнєяια ѕαℓαιη (Nheria)
⋙Blogger Manager:         ᴍʀs.ᴅᴀᴀᴍᴀs (kyra Weiser)
------------Created by: Royal Event Management  2015/16